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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Best Enterprise Communication Solution Providers in 2019

Enterprise communication is not an easy work. Huge and different data need a good communication system which enable works to be managed at time.
Telecommunication providers play an important role in the enterprise success and also make billions of dollars.
However, enterprise communications is getting increasingly complicated owing to the employees working remotely, using a multitude of unsecured mobile devices, at the same time seeking rich communication experiences. Here, the enterprises who implement effective enterprise communications infrastructure will gain the competitive advantage over their compeers in the marketplace, owing to their increased workplace productivity facilitated by seamless communication.

This is where the enterprise communications technology comes into the picture. The technology includes but is not limited to group ware, video conferencing, document sharing, and others.

The goal of enterprise communication systems is to simplify the employee communications and offer a more streamlined experience. Also, as the information is channeled through these systems, the systems need to be secured and compliant with regulations. Numerous solution providers promise these advantages, however, selecting the one who indeed becomes a partner in your journey toward enterprise communications is easier said than done.
Our Tech experts have reviewed the top companies in the field of enterprise's communication solutions and services. Here's the summary of 2019:

- Egnyte:
Egnyte delivers secure content collaboration, compliant data protection and simple infrastructure modernization; all through a single SaaS solution. 
Egnyte provides secure file sharing through enterprises and through many industries such as Construction, Finance, Healthcare,.......etc

- Mitel:
Mitel enables enterprises and also small business companies to manage their works and communications with 45 years of industry leadership, helping businesses connect, collaborate and provide better experiences for their customers. Mitel is trusted by 70 million business users in more than 100 countries.

        More than 1 million UCaaS subscribers
        #1 in private cloud worldwide
        #1 in UC market share for Europe
        #2 in UCaaS market share worldwide

        Over $1.3B in revenue
        4 time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for UC
        Frost & Sullivan 2017 Growth Excellence Leader in UC in North America
        Over 1,600 patents & applications

- Arkadin Cloud Transformation Services:
Arkadin provides end-to-end UC implementation services including consultation, planning and deployment of digital transformation to cloud-based enterprise communications.

- Cisco:
Cisco is a telecommunication leader operating all over  the world with a massive team and assets.
The telecommunication giant provide many services and solutions for every size of business in all industries.
Networking, Data center, Internet of Things, Cloud Services and digital security are some of Cisco's business.

- Avaya, Inc:
Avaya provides business collaboration and communications solutions with a plethora of software and services for multi-touch contact centers and unified communications.

Avaya VoIP solutions is one of the best smart services that company supports business with.
The communication industry includes many other good companies that provide services, the following companies provide advanced systems and solutions:
- Bitrix. inc.
- Blue Panda.
- Maviner.
- Microsoft.
- UniVoIP.
Huge amount of data and communications are secured and traveled every day because of those big companies and their unique solutions.

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