Report: Chinese Hackers Eye United State Cancer analysis:

Partnered of programmers  with the Chinese government are endeavoring to require therapeutic analysis, particularly malignancy explore, from institutions within the United State , as per associate current report.

The advancement up in medicative analysis felony by  APT of Chinese computer user gatherings appears, by all accounts, to be connected to China's developing worry over malignancy death rates and increasing welfare prices, FireEye declared Wednesday. Malignancy within the main supply of death in China.

"As the China keeps on pursueing all inclusive welfare by 2020, dominant expenses and menage trade can clearly influence the PRC's methodology to stay up political security," the scientists wrote in their report on the far side Compliance: Cyber Threats and attention.

Focusing on therapeutic analysis and knowledge from concentrates might empower Chinese enterprises to place up new medicates available to the general public faster than Western contenders, it states

"Like completely different models we've seen, digital sceptred theft of medicative info and analysis is probably going one phase of a additional intensive procedure by China at securing key advancements and innovation," the specialists composed.

Ascend in Nation-State Attacks:
It display there has been associate dealing in country state assaults on the human services half within the previous number of years, noted Ken Underhill, associate ace professional person at Cybrary, a provider of free and in public supported IT and cybersecurity learning in belt, Maryland.

Littler organizations will be prepared pickings for those varieties of assaults.

"Littler human services organizations might not utilize business best rehearses for confirming info in travel and really still, thus these ar ideal objectives for country states," Underhill told TechNewsWorld.

Taking the AI (Artificial Intelligence ) Approach to US Problem-Solving

- The u. s. has be facing a considerable variety of  troubles this year -- from the grounding of a complete line of Boeing planes to large weather events, mass shootings, and a president WHO could also be losing his position).

What is the AI (artificial intelligence ?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is that the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly laptop systems. These processes embrace learning (the pro curation of data and rules for victimization the information), reasoning (using rules to succeed in convergent or definite inference) and self-correction.

I'm not talking concerning exploitation computer science systems straight. i am suggesting that we tend to apply ways almost like those we tend to currently area unit considering for building and coaching them so as to form selections that may fix main issues rather than simply tilt concerning them forever.

Climate Change:
The same factor is true of global climate change. Eceedingly models show  that we tend to area unit watching Associate in Nursing at hand disaster with existential potential, however humans cannot close to deal with what seem to be the core issues.

Much of what IBM has been performing on is to make practices that lead to unbiased AIs, which implies distinguishing and eliminating the sources of bias early within the development method and creating bias elimination a key a part of the effort.

It additionally would facilitate make sure that the predictions of harmful impact wouldn't become self-fulfilling prophecies, as a result of the concern of Brexit alone seemingly may do -- and is doing -- a lot of of the initial harm, as corporations move out of the united kingdom.

The nice factor concerning technology is that after a technology is made, will|you'll|you'll be able to} scale it so individuals can see the individual impacts of selections. I imagine the united kingdom voters would are curious about a close personal impact report showcasing however Brexit was seemingly to impact them before they were fastened in.
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Mass Shootings in U.S :
One of the massive issues that the MIT/IBM set is overcoming is that the AI's ability to try to to causative analysis. one amongst the massive issues we have a tendency to presently have in higher cognitive process with and while not AIs is that engagement tends to push  selections, however correlation does not pinpoint causes.

The example IBM used was one in all margarin and divorce rates. whereas the graphs mirror one another over time, there has been no proof of any association, not to mention exploit.

The reason we should always specialise in the cause instead of the tool is that there ar mass killings in areas of low gun use, and therefore the those who commit them use alternatives like bombs, knives and cars to accomplish their goals. Explosives may result in {an exceedingly|in a very} so much higher death count and a so much higher count of each critically lac and disabled folks than an attack by a gun.

So, victimization worldwide knowledge, we should always be ready to analyze whether or not obtaining obviate guns would lead to fewer deaths, and whether or not there may well be additional simply accomplished alternatives that may massively scale back this downside. One chance may well be reaching AN agreement with the third house to curtail opposition to gun possession in exchange for its agreement to prevent block weapon safety advancements, to support higher obligatory gun safety coaching, and to back a far additional aggressive policy with regard to diagnosed psychopathy, which might apply to all or any sellers.

Taswiq - Apple Debuts Triple-Camera iPhone & New iPad

Apple Debuts Triple-Cam iPhone . raised the curtain on its last iPhone models,during anTuesday  event  at the Steve Jobs Theater .

The summery of the event was the new iPhone model: the iPhone -11- (US$698), the 11- Pro ($998) and the -11 Pro Max ($1,098).

There are 6 colors of  iPhone 11 which are-  yellow, green,  purple, red, black  and white. It has a 1,792 x 828 Retina display .

It has a  dual camera system  12-megapixel  and dual camera system has both an wide sensor and a so wide  .
The ultra wide able to capture four times more real estate than the wide sensor. It has 2x optical and 5x digital zoom.

Also it has support video for both wide and ultra wide modes  ,  as simple to transitioning between the modes as tapping the screen.

iPhone 11 system supports the flowing :
1- 720p video at 30 fps.
2-  1080p HD video at 30 or 60 fps.
 3-  4K video at 24, 30 or 60 frames per second.
4- It also contains  a 12MP sensor on the front of the phone to supports slow motion video for slow-mo selfies.

The iPhone  iPhone 11 Pro Max, and 11 Pro  which are Available in the following colors:
 1-  Gold,.
2-  Gray.
3- Silver .
4- Midnight green.

i Phone Pro Specifications :
1- A 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display
2- a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels.

iphone  Pro Max Specifications:
1- A 6.5-inch display .
2- A resolution of 2.688 x 1,242 pixels.

The i Phone Pro and iphone  Pro Max have :
 Triple sensor system with wide.
telephoto cameras,
2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.
Over its presentation, Apple explain how a scene that typically would take multiple camera angles could be shot on one screen on the iphone  Pro Max with a popular  program called - FILMiC. -

The new iPad, that is obtainable in following colors :
1- Silver.
2-  Grey .
3- Gold.

New iPad Specifications:
1- Ten.2 inches .
2-  Supports Apple's sensible Keyboard 
3- Supports Apple's  Pencil.
Although Apple is exploitation Associate in Nursing older contribute the new iPad -- the A10 -- patrons should not fret regarding degeneration, Gillett noted.

"Something Apple is powerful at is supporting older devices with their new operative systems. If they are refreshing the device and still exploitation that previous chip, it suggests it'll support it for many years as a result of that is been their observe within the past," he explained.

"For the general public, the older chip are going to be fine," Gillett added , "but for individuals making an attempt to try to to fancy stuff, it's going to be slow."

The new iPad additionally are going to be running the new iPadOS, which incorporates enhancements that build multitasking on the device easier.

Price and specifications of Huawei Mate 20 Pro

After Huawei's incredible upgrade and development of the P20 series, especially the P20 Pro, the best camera in a smartphone in 2018, and now announced its new phone in the series of Mate to be Huawei Mate 20 Pro new phone in late 2018, as in the previous version, where the Mate 20 Pro comes with three cameras such as the P20 Pro, but the company has eliminated black and white camera imaging and has supported the ultrawide imaging instead of the wide with the latest processor of the new Huawei Kirin 980 , The first Android phone that uses a 7nm processor to be more efficient In terms of power and performance such as the Snapdragon 845 processor, which was manufactured at 10nm.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the only improvement in the battery life. The P20 Pro is Huawei's first curved-screen phone, the built-in fingerprint reader with the latest operating system Android 9 Pie with the latest EMUI 9 interface.

With curved edges on the front and back, we mentioned the phone while using the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, with IP68 as a dust resistant and water resistant phone. The phone supports Face ID, which works with the same phone technology as iPhone Xs and Xs Max via infrared Front with the front cameras, and the Mate 20 Pro unlocks the phone quickly, in all kinds of lighting where we tested the phone in the dark too, we found it works perfectly, but unfortunately will not find the 3.5 mm headset port and can not increase the private space By means of the MicroSD card because of its support for memory cards If you find it as easy as the regular Memory cards, let us know the rest of the specifications of the phone in detail and what are the most important advantages and disadvantages and is worth buying and what are the most important developments in the phone compared to the previous phone Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

We will discuss the detailed review of the phone in general and the camera in particular in the full review on Mobilis.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Specifications:
The phone supports two SIM-SIM connections.
Both segments support 4G networks.
It comes in dimensions of 157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6 mm and about weight comes 189 grams.
Glass design of front and back with metal frame.
The phone comes with a notch screen and very large notch space
The AMOLED screen comes in 6.39 inches to be the first curved screen in the Mate series. It is comparable to the size of the Galaxy Note 9 screen.
The screen comes with QHD + quality of 1440 x 3120 with a resolution of 538 pixels to be better than pixel density on the iPhone XS Max and Note 9.
Comes with the HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor and supports the Artificial Intelligence processor, the same Huawei Mate 20 mobile processor and this processor with 7-nanometer technology, very saving in battery consumption.
The graphic processor comes from the Mali-G76 MP10, delivering a 46% stronger performance and 178% better power than the previous processor.
The rear camera comes with a Leica optics trio camera, the first comes with 40 megapixels, the main is the f / 1.8 lens slot, the second wide camera is a 20 megapixel f / 2.2 lens slot and the third camera is a 5x zoom with a f / 2.4 f / 2.4 lens with 8 megapixels Dual LEED and cameras support better HDR and autofocus with OIS Optical Installer.
Supports 4x video resolution at 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second, supports 1080 and 1080 with 60 and 30 frames per second and supports HD 720 pixels at 960 frames per second.
The front camera comes with a 24 megapixel mono camera with a f / 2.0 lens slot with HDR support.
Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.
Supports fingerprint sensors and comes built-in screen, also supports fingerprint via special sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, atmospheric pressure, proximity, compass.
The USB Type C 3.1 port comes with OTG support.
The battery has been increased to 4200mAh instead of the 4000MA Mate 10 Pro battery.
The battery supports 40W high-speed charging and 70% is shipped in just half an hour.
Supports secondary microphone to prevent noise from talking on the phone or shooting video.
The phone comes with more than one version of hard memory and random memory:
- The first version comes with a 128GB hard memory and 6 GB of random memory.
- The second version comes with a 256 GB hard memory and 8 GB of random memory.
- You can also increase the space for the first time in the Mate Pro series by installing the external memory card type of the Nano Memory card and place it in the second slide.
Comes with Android 9.0 Pie with Huawei's latest EMUI 9 interface.
The sound of the external speakers comes with a stereo sound and comes down. The headset is built into the USB port and the headset also works with it as an external speaker.
The phone is waterproof and dusty with IP68 technology up to 2.5 meters, but the company has officially announced the availability of a pod dedicated to diving and sold separately and makes the phone work up to 5 meters.
The phone comes in colors: green, blue, black, golden and tawilite.

Mobile problems Huawei Mate 20 Pro:
The placement of the rear tri-cameras does not look like a beautiful box.
There is no 3.5 port for traditional headphones, although it is quality in competing phones such as Note 9 and Mate 20.
The EMUI interface still needs to be updated more to fit better with the Android Pie.
Expected to expand

Infinix Note 5 price and specifications

After a good success for the regular Infinix Note 4 phone, Infinox decided to announce a new phone from the Notte Premium brand, Infinix Note 5, in both versions.

In Infinix Hot 6 Pro, Infinix S3, Infinix S3, Infinix S3, and Infinix S3, are trying to catch up with the three sales of Infinix. We will review this article Infinix Note 5 regular version without a pen and we will display the price and specifications and features and disadvantages of the new InfinoxNote 5.

Find out about the latest version of the phone, the Infinix Note 5 Stylus.

Infinix Note 5: -
Connects to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation networks via two Nano-type SIM cards and works together on 4G.
Supports the installation of a 128 GB memory card in a separate port.
The mobile dimensions are 158x75x8.4 mm with distinctive circular edges of the phone.
The phone is made of polycarbonate, such as the Oppo F7, a shiny plastic, not metal, and the phone weighs about 173 grams.
6 "IPS screen with FHD + 18: 9 resolution with 402 px resolution with 79% screen capture of the handset's body, showing lower screen edges with simple 2.5D screen edges.
Only supports blue indicator light.
The Helio P23 MT6763T is a 2 GHz 16-nano processor and the processor is found in other phones such as the Oppo F5. The processor has a good performance but does not outperform the Sanyo Dragon 625 processor on the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. Although the P23 processor does not outperform its performance, Very close to Snape 625.
Average Performance Graphics Processor Mali-G71 MP2.
The Android One comes with an Orio 8.1 version that shows fast and continuous phone updates and seamless performance.
32 GB storage with 3 GB Rams at 933MHz of type LPDDR4x with a 64 GB higher version with 4 GB RAM.
Rear camera 12 megapixel camera with f / 2.0 lens slot with dual LED flash equipped with artificial intelligence enhancements Supports cosmetic mode and supports portraiture but after updating the phone you will find the property activated.
A 16-megapixel front camera with f / 2.0 lens slot also supports artificial intelligence with flash with a wide 76 degree shooting angle. The camera can set 255 points in the face to beautify it and also supports the setting of the bake.
Powerful battery 4500 ml Fast charging is shipped in less than two hours and is non-removable. Infinox claims it can withstand 3 days of operation without charging.
The phone supports the fingerprint on the back of the phone.
The phone supports the Face Unlock feature and you will find it in Smart Lock in Security with phone settings. This feature follows the characteristics of the raw Android and is not followed by Infinox services.
Supports gyroscope to operate VR virtual reality glasses.
Comes in colors: black - blue - gray The colors available in Egypt are black and blue.

MobileInternetNotes 5 problems:
The phone comes with plastic back, not metal, but recently many companies have turned to use a strong plastic back.
The rearview camera is not double, although it is double in the Infinix Hot 6 Pro, but the sensor size has increased to 1.25 microns to get better images than the monochrome camera and has been equipped with artificial intelligence to get excellent isolation and beautification from the Infinix HotShot 5.
There is no protection on the screen and a protective adhesive must be installed that comes with the phone immediately.

Infinix Note 5 Features:
6-inch giant screen with new dimensions with FHD + resolution.
The processor offers good performance.
Supports running my slide together on 4G.
Giant battery lasts more than a day with a 9v / 2a fast charging technology. The battery is charged in about two hours.
Supports the installation of two call notes + a memory card together without removing any of them.
Comes with raw Android to ensure updates arrive quickly.

Phone box contents: -
Phone - Charger - USB Connector - Earphones - Dark Silicone pod - Protective Sticker - Metal Pin - Instruction Manuals & Warranty.

Video Review Mobile: -
If you would like to know more about the mobile, check out Infinix Note 5 on YouTube.

If you would like to read more about the mobile, enter Infinix Note 5.

Phone price Infinix Note 5: -
The phone is available at 2800 LE for 32 GB with 3 GB RAM.

Infinix Note 5 Pro will also be available and the difference will be 64 GB with 4 RAM for EGP 3300.

IPhone X price and specifications

Apple has held a press conference to announce its new phones this year. Immediately after the announcement of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus announced a phone will be a big bang as soon as the arrival of the expected iPhone X market in November 2017 This phone will be the most expensive phone Smart device that exists in the market and has high capabilities that no phone from different brands of mobile phones can compete with.

Specifications of iPhone X
Supports LTE connectivity.
A SIM Nano connection.
The phone weighs 174 grams.
Remove the phone 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm.
The Super AMOLED capacitive screen measuring 5.8 inches and 1125 x 2436 pixels supports touch and gives 458 pixels per inch supported by scratch-resistant glass.
12 megapixel rear camera with f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 lens slot with 4-LED flash and 7-megapixel front camera with f / 2.2 lens slot.
IOS 11.
The Apple A11 Bionic is the best processor from Apple in 2017.
Internal memory 64/256 GB with random memory 3 GB RAM.
Unlocked 2716 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Features of iPhone X
Face recognition for added safety.
Dustproof and dust resistant according to IP67 certificate.
Fast shipping technology supports 50% in just 30 minutes.
Supports wireless charging technology.
A super-precise screen with new dimensions and the release of the Home button.

Disadvantages of Mobile iPhone X
There is no FM radio.
There is no 3.5 mm inlet.
The charger attached in the case does not support fast charging and the phone is charged in less than two hours.
High price of the phone.
Low quality cameras in low light due to narrow aperture.
Fingerprint sensor does not support fingerprint.

the design

If you are looking for a phone that represents every experience that takes you to the future, the iPhone X, which has the best design and shape in the world, has become the full front phone is a high-resolution screen and glass design of the back of the phone with a metal frame of the finest raw materials manufacturing world.

The phone weighs 174 grams with a height of 143.6 mm and a width of 70.9 mm while the thickness of 7.7 mm.

The design of the phone is no different from the previous versions except for the front which has become a full screen and has disappeared from the fingerprint sensor, which is no need for him after the presence of facial recognition feature and on the top of the front is the headset and the front camera.

On the back of the phone is the dual rear camera with the four-wheel LED flash and on the middle the company's famous Apple logo.

On the right side of the phone is the Power button and the slide port, while on the left of the phone there is a button to place the phone on the silent system and volume control buttons.

Below the phone is a USB port and external speakers.

The phone comes in gray and silver.

the screen

The iPhone has the world's best screen with the front end of the phone and 82.9% of the phone with the Super AMOLED capacitive 5.8-inch, 1125 x 2436-pixel, Super Retina with True Tone and 3D Touch that dazzles the eye.

This screen supports the touch and gives 458 pixels per inch supported by glass resistant to various scratches and shocks and uses that screen different technologies to reach the corners of the round phone neatly and that the screen is the first OLED screen has amazing colors and high brightness and contrast ratio from 1 to 1 million.

Mobile performance
Apple iPhone X running Apple iOS 11 with the best processor and the most powerful in the world among the various smart phones is a six-core A11 Bionic, which has the ability to work 600 billion procedures per second This processor outperforms the processor A10 Fusion, where we find four nuclei faster by 70% and Nawatan 25% faster with a more impressive three-core graphics processor with 3 GB RAM.

The iPhone X offers a great experience with fast, smooth performance and the ability to run various heavy games and applications without any problems.

The phone comes with 64/256 GB internal memory and like previous phones there is no extra memory but you can use additional storage on iCloud.


The iPhone X has a 12 megapixel rear camera with a f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 lens slot with OIS, 4 LED optical zoom and 2 x optical zoom with autofocus and geo-tagging, Face Detection, Smile, Panorama and HDR.

The camera can shoot video quality 4K with Portrait lighting, which allows each change to light the image before capturing.

The 7 megapixel camera's front camera with f / 2.2 lens slot has HDR, panorama and face detection with TrueDepth for facial features.

the battery
The handset has a 2716 mAh non-removable lithium battery that supports fast charging where 50% of battery capacity can be charged in only 30 minutes and also supports wireless charging easily through the back of the glass phone.

You can make calls up to 21 hours and listen to music for up to 60 hours.

Face ID
The surprise was that it was not equipped with a fingerprint sensor, but Apple surprised everyone with a safer new technology, namely Face Detection, where the front-facing camera has the ability to identify the face using TrueDepth, meaning that facial features are your security code.

Contents of the box
The iPhone X phone case contains a phone, speakers, USB connection, adapter from the charger port to the 3.5 mm speaker port, a device to extract the slide with the phone manual.

Mobile Price iPhone X
64 GB version

In Egypt: 17800 LE

In Saudi Arabia: 3,400 riyals

For the 256 GB version

In Egypt: LE 19900

In Saudi Arabia: 3800

Price and specifications of Nokia 8.1

HMD Global introduced its new Nokia 8.1 phone, known as the Nokia X7, in October 2018. The Nokia 8.1 is the next and next generation to fundamentally replace the Nokia 6.1 Plus phone and addresses the most important points of its shortcomings, mainly developed The phone comes with a larger screen with a powerful Snapdragon 710 processor with F / 1.8 F / 2.0 rear cameras instead of F / 2.0 to better capture the light and a better front camera and increase battery capacity for better performance. Let us know the rest of the specifications in detail as follows .

Nokia 8.1 specifications: -
The phone supports two SIM Nano connections.
The phone supports all networks up to 4G networks.
The speed of data communication comes at a speed LTE Cat 6.
The phone comes in dimensions of 154.8 × 75.76 × 7.97 mm and the weight of the phone comes with a weight of 178 grams.
Supports 3.5mm earphone port.
The durability and quality of the phone is made of glass from front and back with aluminum frame.
The screen is 6.16 inches and comes from an IPS LCD in the form of notch to offer a 19: 9 aspect ratio.
The screen comes with FHD + quality of 1080 x 2280 pixels at a density of 408 pixels and occupies the screen from the front end 81.2%.
64GB hard memory with 4 GB of random memory.
The phone also supports the installation of external memory up to 400 GB and place the second chip.
The phone supports most sensors where the fingerprint sensor supports the back of the phone with support for compass, gyroscope, accelerometer and proximity sensors.
The phone comes with the Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon 710 processor with a 10nm manufacturing quality of eight.
As for the graphic processor comes from the type of Adreno 616.
The phone supports Wi-Fi with all available frequencies a / b / g / n / ac as well as support for Dual-band, WiFi Direct, hotspot.
Comes with the latest version of Bluetooth version V with support for the A2DP, LE.
GPS Positioning supports GPS with support for A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS.
The USB port comes from Type C and supports OTG.
The front camera comes with 20 megapixels with an F / 2.0 lens slot.
The rear camera comes with a dual camera and comes prominently from the back of the phone. The first camera comes with a 12 megapixel camera with a F / 1.8 lens slot and the second camera comes with 13 megapixels with a dual LED flash.
The cameras support OIS optical stabilization, auto-focus, panorama and HDR.
Supports 4K video shooting at 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second, with support for 1080p FHD with 30 frames per second and video recording with Nokia OZO technology.
Phone Colors: Blue, Red, Silver, Black.
Android 8.1 Oreo when your phone comes with Android One.
The speakers come unilaterally and come with only one earphone and come down.
The battery comes with a capacity of 3500 mA and the battery supports fast charging technology.

Nokia 8.1 problems: -
You can not use both slides and the Mimori card at one time.
The back of the phone is easily clogged because it comes from glossy glass.
In low-light, we found a slight reduction in the quality of the images that were captured.
We expected the phone to come with stereo speakers, but unfortunately the Mono speakers and headphones still offer a medium sound.
Because the back camera is prominently featured on the back, it is easily scratched and broken as we found when putting the phone on the table that it is not very stable.

Features of Nokia 8.1: -
Notifications appear next to the notch.
You can hide the notch through the settings.
Large screen with good edges.
Portraits work well if there is good lighting.
Supports 4K video recording and shooting at 2160px resolution.
The OTG supports easy operation of any USB Driver on your phone.
Zeiss optics cameras offer good performance and are acceptable in high lighting.
The performance of the processor is good and achieved an application of Antutu result of 166872 points.
Battery performance is good where it lasts for more than 5 hours.
Supports unlocking the phone via Face Unlock and works well.
Fingerprint Sensor performance is very fast and we have never encountered a fingerprint recognition problem.
It supports an additional microphone to isolate noise and noise during talking, recording or imaging by phone.

Open the box Nokia 8.1: -
Nokia 8.1 - A metal pin to open the connector port and external memory card - Transparent back pouch - Instruction booklet to show how to use the phone in more than one language - USB cable comes from Type C - charger head and supports quick charging.

Mobile Price Nokia 8.1: -
The price of the phone is 1500 dirhams, which is equivalent to 7000 pounds and has not been issued in Egypt yet.